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Quarry Services and Materials

The unique geological history of Bulgaria premise the great variety of ornamental stone deposits located in this area. In Bulgaria there are vast areas covered by sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rocks.

In the past most of the rocks formations in Bulgaria were studied and the results were used for the bases of the Bulgarian ornamental stone industry – marbles, granites, breccias, limestone, sandstone and tuff. In 1989 – the year of the change of the political system in Bulgaria – were extracted more than 65 000 m3 ornamental stone blocks from more than 35 deposits.

Nowadays, the knowledge accumulation evokes the new results of the collected data and a lot of new deposits were found.

We propose to the companies with potential interest to run their own quarries for ornamental/dimensional stones or raw materials in Bulgaria the following services:

  • To execute the investigation of new deposits and to obtain concession rights over them;
  • To manage the process for obtaining of the concession rights over the existing deposits;
  • To consult our clients and to offer to them new sites and deposits that faces their needs (if there are such available);
  • To prepare reports and projects in the sphere of ornamental stone and raw materials industry;
  • Our team is experienced in quarry exploitation by applying the modern methods of excavation.

During the last 10 years we put a lot of efforts in learning and investigation of new deposits for ornamental stone. Now we can offer to the public some brand new materials.

With our rich experience in searching and prospecting, quarrying and commerce, we are capable to face the highest requirements of the clients and the market.

Here is listed a small number of the sites with high potential for future exploitation and some of our major project.


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